Life is short, but your lashes don’t have to be.

NovaLash Eyelash Extensions:


Lash Sets

NOVAMINX Lashes (Upper)$225.00
NOVAMINX Lashes (Lower)$50.00
American Volume Lashes (Upper) NEW!!$310.00
American Volume Lashes (Lower) NEW!!$60.00
Removal of Extensions$35.00
Removal of Makeup$10.00


Touch-Up Appointments

NOVAMINX Fill 60MIN / 90MIN$70.00 / $95.00
American Volume Fill 60MIN / 90MIN$95.00 / $115.00

(If you have less than 50% of extensions left at time of booking you will need to book for an extended fill. Less than 25% will need a new full set.)

Special Event Lashes
Candied Lashes (3 per eye)$40.00

Add an allure to your eye flutter that will keep them coming back for more with LASHcandy by NOVALASH!

NovaLash’s exclusive LASH candy adds some glimmer and shimmer to your already fabulous lashes.

The delicious, hand-dipped, freeze-dried and crystallized lashes can be worn day or night for a delicate sparkle that lasts up to 2 weeks. Choose from a variety of sinfully sweet LASH candy flavors including Cinnamon Toast (brown), Blue Raspberry (blue), Mint Chocolate Chip (green), Pink Lemonade (pink), Butterscotch (gold), Sugar Plum (purple) Gum Drop (Silver Pearl) and Licorice (black).

NovaClassic: Stiffer, can be more mechanically irritating, especially for sensitive clients. One to One Bonding.

NovaMinx: Lighter & more pliable, fills generally needed at 1 month. Long Lasting. One to One Bonding.

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American Volume: Super light weight and fluffy. Multiple extensions to one natural lash. Long Lasting. Great for sparse or thin lashes.

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